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We Specialize in a customized wedding experience!

Wedding Coordination

Our coordinating team is ready to plan your full day or your entire wedding.  See our coordination page for additional details.  

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JammTex crowd interactions

We like to have a great time with your guest.  Jamtext gives us the opportunity to interact with your crowd and create memories for you.  

Dance On The Clouds

Dance on a thick low-lying fog that will make you feel like you are dancing on clouds.


Social Media Hashtags/Pictures

We provide social media interaction with your hashtag and background pictures.  


Lighting Solutions

Need uplights?  We provide uplight rentals for your wedding or party.  


360 Photo Booth

Let us add additional fun to your event with a photobooth for your guest.  Experience props and printed photos as you created endless memories with family and friends.  

DJ equipment
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